Cautăm lideri! Vrei să participi la un proiect european?

08 Sep

Cautăm lideri! Vrei să participi la un proiect european?

Call 4 Student Leaders

We are looking for Student Leaders!

If being-becoming a proactive self-starter, enlarging your horizons and becoming an active part in shaping the European public space, is something that rings a bell, you are the person we are looking for!

EucA had been recently awarded a grant to carry on the Europe for Citizens project: Message to the Europeans 3.0

The project aims at writing a “Message to the Europeans” on the future of Europe by enabling a critical and deep reflection on the European Union as it is now.

The Message will be written during 6 events – Warsaw (Nov 2017), Budapest (Mar 2018), the Hague (May 2018), Ljubljana (Oct 2018), Rome (Nov 2018), Brussels (Feb 2019) – thanks to an innovative methodology composed by debates, mock-trials, simulation, and everything that is not a boring lecture. Travel and accommodation in all those events will be covered by the project!

The Message to the Europeans shall be shaped by as much people as possible and should reach as much people as possible, for this reason, we are looking for Student Leaders, at least 40 from 12 European countries.

The Student Leaders are in charge of ENGAGEMENT.

Engagement means to reach out to other people. It means to engage people online and offline, through social media campaigns, real life conversations with friends and colleagues, organisation of small local and international events, online content creation.

Engagement means  also to be personally engaged! Therefore, Student Leaders can collaborate directly to the proceedings of the events as researchers, moderators, secretaries, and as organisers!

Becoming a Student Leader carries a lot of benefits: traveling, gaining experience and meet new people.

Call for Student Leaders:

Full details about who the Student Leaders are, what are their goals, how to apply etc. are on the Call for Student Leaders that you find here:

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